Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pool Toys Buy Friends

Yeah I do try to teach my kids that friends that need to be bought are not true friends. This is one of my strange exceptions. Playing with Korbin is difficult for most neurotypical kids to understand. He wants a splash war every time he gets in a pool, but only on his terms and rules. With his love for military play I've learned to keep him busy with squirt toys.

Our apartment complex has a variety if kids. Some have attentive parents who insist on fair play.
Others are free range kids who won't hear much from an adult until school starts again. I've discovered that providing a bag full of water guns, splash balls, and squirt cannons gets me a little authority with the unruly kids while getting Korbin the playmates he craves. Yes, it's some wild play that needs constant supervision, but he loves it.

This week Korbin received a new and life changing label. He has Prader Willi syndrome. I'm not going to go into the big details of what Prader Willi is about; instead I'll direct you to Korbin is currently very obese and short. He eats 24/7 because of a malfunction in his hypothalamus. We need to lock all the food, but aren't allowed to alter the apartment. Our lease is up in July so this will change. In the mean time we have to work on getting lots of exercise while limiting his food. If a bag full of dollar toys will get him social time and exercise, then this mom will be buying friends as long as we have access to water.