Sunday, April 25, 2010

Korbin Wants a New Family

He's been stuck on this delusion for a while and despite ours and the therapist's work, Korbin is only getting more insistent. He decided that he wanted a new family that will allow him to skip school, baths, healthy food, changing clothes, and will allow him to sleep, eat, and play whatever and whenever he wants. We got to the point in March where Korbin was attacking me because a voice told him to kill me so he could get a new family.

I understand that because of his autism he mostly sees other people as tools. I can drive him places and get him things. People are whatever they can do for him, not someone to know and socialize with. Anyway, he said that I needed to take him to the hospital so he could live there until they could find him a new home. I told him that if he wanted to go to the hospital I would take him. They took him in to acute and Korbin thought he won the ability to get a new family. Oops!

We had another pass yesterday and were able to bring him home so he can play his favorite PC game and go out for a meal. When I took him back he told me that he wants to live at the hospital forever or until he can get a new family. I reminded him that I'm his mom, I love him, and I will always be his family. He informed me that he's done loving me. Ouch. I tried to talk with him, but his roommate was coming back from a pass and they began talking.

Today we went for our 2 hour visit and Korbin freaked out. He came down the hall just to tell us that he didn't want to visit with us and to not come back or call unless it was for a pass for him to leave with us. I tried to talk to him or even get close, but he kept yelling. He wanted us to go away and kept screaming "I want a new family!" Now if I were just observing this I would think that this child must have been horribly abused or something, but if anything we've smothered him with love. He's always had every need and most of his wants met. He's spoiled with love, material things, family, friends, and everything a boy could ever want. The only trauma he's had is having to occasionally be restrained when he attacks.

I'm thinking that if all we are to him is his ride to the PC game and link to restaurants then we need to remove those things. Next Saturday we have a 12 hour pass so I'm thinking that we're going to have to spend some time away from home so he's not totally attached to the laptop, but then come home to cook. I'm just so confused. Before he went to the hospital he was overly attached to me and refused to go anywhere without me or me go anywhere without him. His autism leaves him without the desire for human relationships. His delusions are telling him that he can make his whole world different by somehow acquiring a new family. How to I re bond with a son who doesn't really want me?


  1. I wish I knew more about Autism so I could give some sort of advice, but really all I can do is read and learn. Hope everything gets better.

  2. Thank you for the well wishes. There are no easy answers, just many opinions. We are taking them all in and giving the boys the best therapies possible for thier individual needs.