Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Fresh Start

I've decided to take a more dedicated approach to this little blog of mine. Originally I named it SchizoAutismTourettes-itis saying "... thankfully not all in one person." Well things have changed. Korbin's labels are currently Autism, Mood & Psychotic Disorders vs. Schizo affective Disorder, Tourette's Syndrome, Asthma, Allergies, and Mental Retardation. Our world revolves around trying to keep Korbin IN OUR WORLD.

He just spent 4 months in his 3rd psychiatric residential treatment program. We were hoping they might be able to stabilize his psychosis with medications, but they refused to make changes. His biggest goal was to simply attend school, but they were unable to work him through his social anxiety. We really had a lot of hope for his time in the program, but Korbin's severity and complex issues were more than they expected.

Now he's back at home and riding his usual emotional roller coaster. We got him set up with a CBI classroom, which has been denied to him all of these years. After 3 days in the classroom he refused to go back. Even the small class inside a smaller school was overwhelming. I had set him up to work with the mental health group that provides services at his school, but they aren't really working out either. He's now set up with home bound service which gives him 6 hours a week in our home with a teacher. I'm also working on changing him back to the children's psychiatric services provided by our local teaching hospital.

So now we're home. Every day is a new adventure. Even though he lives in his delusions and is still fighting hallucinations every day, we are doing everything possible to keep him out of the hospitals. I'm planning to share more of our adventures here. Not only for my family and friends to keep up with our lives, but to share with the world our experiences and privilege of being Korbin's family.

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